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Recently a current client asked if our inbound call center could handle calls for Spanish speaking customers. The answer: Yes. While our physical call center is in South Dakota, our system supports at-home agents all over the country who speak multiple languages. My first thought was that our South Dakota labor pool would be short on Spanish speakers and that we’d send the calls to our at-home agents.

However, our astute VP of Client Services, Amber LaFramboise had a different idea. She had just added additional capacity to our center and was ready to hire more agents.

“Let’s just post the openings with Job Service and see what we have in the local talent pool. It doesn’t hurt to ask,” she said.

Although I thought we’d get no responses, much to my astonishment and delight we received the candidates who were easily able to meet the call center needs of our client. Who would’ve imagined that we could expand our call center services with Spanish speakers from rural South Dakota?

In business, how often have I dismissed an idea because I couldn’t imagine the solution could be that simple? The experience reminded me to ask.

It also reminded me of the many times our clients have had unusual problems that needed unusual fixes. I don’t know when we’ve ever not tackled the problem or found a solution. It’s amazing how creativity is unleashed when you simply ask.