One World’s call center would be at home in Santa Monica or SoHo. With the goal of recruiting and retaining excellent employees, our call center features abundant natural light and an engaging, exhilarating work environment. High quality seating and ergonomic call center “pods” provide our CSRs with a comfortable work environment. Our headquarters building houses not only our call center, but also our executive offices, kitchen, breakroom, training, human resources and IT department.

Fiber optics connect our call center to the world through a self-healing SONET ring. The building is backed up by two large UPSes (battery back ups) and a 100 kw standby generator.

Core Fitness, a local gym, is located in a separate suite of the building. Through Core Fitness, we offer gym memberships to our employees.

One World’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) include:

  • Call Pre-Annouce
  • Automated Attendant
  • Order Status/Confirmation
  • Locators
  • Company Info
  • Data Look-Up

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