Some customers don’t want to pick up the phone. They prefer the speed and ease of email and web chat. One World’s emphasis on hiring and keeping great people ensures that your written communication has the same high quality as your spoken communication. We help you strike the right balance between keeping costs down and customer satisfaction high. We develop standard responses for commonly asked questions, but train our staff extensively to handle even the most unexpected inquiries. All email and web chat responses are phrased in your brand voice. One World remains transparent and invisible to the customer. Our email capabilities are flexible and powerful. You can use our web-based system, or we can integrate with yours. Either way, we’ll connect with your customers the way you connect with your customers.

One World’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) include:

  • Call Pre-Annouce
  • Automated Attendant
  • Order Status/Confirmation
  • Locators
  • Company Info
  • Data Look-Up

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