Customer Service – When Does Outsourcing Make Sense?

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of great customer service in building an e-commerce brand. Zappo’s, one of the great unicorns in e-com’s history, is perhaps better known for their customer service than they are for selling shoes. E-commerce companies pride themselves on creating products that are game changing, so it stands to reason that […]

Using Free Shipping to Increase Conversion

The e-commerce revolution has empowered a new world of innovative products—products that couldn’t survive the mass market needs of traditional retail but who can thrive by targeting hyper-specific audiences using the internet’s powerful demographic sorting tools. This hyper targeting, in turn, has given marketers a lot more latitude in how they connect with potential customers […]

Boosting Your Sales with Drop Shipping and Marketplace Strategies

While the internet made it easier than ever before for a company to sell goods to a global audience, it has also empowered a second phenomenon: marketplaces. Large online retailers like Amazon and WalMart capture an incredible level of demand due to their power in search rankings, and they have expanded their supply by partnering […]

Is Inventory Distribution 2020’s Biggest Trend?

As 2019 draws to a close, we’re readying ourselves for the holiday crush, but we’re also taking stock of what we’ve learned over the past year. As we talk about where we want to focus in 2020, one theme keeps popping up: inventory distribution. REACHING THE CUSTOMER QUICKLY When Amazon launched Prime, they changed e-commerce […]

The Hidden Costs of International Shipping

Shipping internationally literally opens up a whole world of customers, but the leap from domestic to global is just as big as the growth opportunity it offers. If you haven’t planned for all the additional fees you can face in international shipping, orders could actually cost you money. Today we’re going to break down each […]

We Have a Lot to be Thankful For

This year marks our 25th anniversary. It has sparked some reminiscence about the days when we had a single warehouse and a state of the art 56k modem. Times have certainly changed. Today, in a world where broadband internet is radically transforming the way people purchase goods, it’s possible for a small company to scale […]

5 Ways a 3PL Can Help Your Business Grow

What is a 3PL? 3PLs, or third-party logistics providers, offer a very flexible service. They can assume just a piece of either your warehousing, distribution, supply chain or fulfillment needs, handle an entire branch, or take over your entire shipping operation. This allows companies to farm out only the services they most need help with, […]

The Best Way to Save Money on Warehousing

There is a lot that happens in a warehouse, and a lot to focus on, but the number one thing to optimize for keeping warehousing costs down is your inbound receiving. The data you log upon receipt of goods affects everything else that happens down the line. Making sure it is accurate can have a […]

25 Things We’ve Learned in 25 Years of Business

This year, One World Direct celebrates our 25th anniversary. It’s hard to imagine now, but when we launched in 1994, the internet barely existed, and very few people would have predicted that it would become such an integral part of our daily lives. 25 years felt like a good time for us to reflect on […]

Considering a Move to an Automated Warehouse?

  Automation—it’s getting headlines and transforming industries, warehousing among them. But is it right for your e-commerce business? Here are some factors you should consider wether to make the move to an automated warehouse. WHAT’S YOUR BREAK EVEN? The biggest risk in moving to a fully automated warehouse is the expense. The up front costs […]