Mobile Reporting and Your Sixth Sense

Last month, we released a mobile version of our reporting site. Our clients can now get real-time stats about their operation on their phones. The site is simple. On the Call Center side, it returns total minutes, total number of calls both inbound and outbound, average call length and number of emails answered. On the […]

The Circadian Rhythms of Productivity

If I arrive at the office at nine, my battleship is already sunk. Why? Because everybody gets to the office at nine. And they start sending emails and making phone calls and all of a sudden, the time I thought I had for the things on my to-do list is gone. If you take a […]

Quality vs Quantity: Talking Website Strategy

As the Creative Director at One World, I am sometimes asked why we put so much emphasis on branding when we build websites. Shouldn’t we spend our time writing a bunch of content and getting as many pages as possible on the site? While it’s true that having lots of content boosts your search engine […]

The Bay Lights

Last week, the city of San Francisco unveiled the world’s largest light display on the Bay Bridge. Eclipsing the lights of the Eiffel Tower, the display is comprised of 25,000 LEDs and was created by artist Leo Villareal. Knowing that the whole thing was going to be a madhouse, my wife and I got there […]

The Russians are coming!!

They claimed to be ecommerce entrepreneurs from Russia who were eager to visit our fulfillment centers in California and South Dakota. They said they had started a call center and order fulfillment business in Moscow and wanted our advice. But I knew better. They weren’t going to fool me – not this guy. Instinct told […]

What Color Should We Use?

Part 1 Color is a highly subjective thing, but there are some general guidelines you can use in the context of branding. Here’s a series of questions that will help you narrow down your color options to a manageable set of choices. Warm colors, red, orange and yellow, feel more aggressive. They build tension, especially […]

What Color Should We Use?

Part 2 It’s no coincidence that Burger King, Wendys, McDonalds, Coke and Pepsi all use red. Studies show that red stimulates hunger and thirst. Amazon uses just a touch of orange to give a friendly warmth to its logo, which supports its brand message of being helpful and convenient. Yellow is a unique color because […]

The Final 10%

Almost every project I’ve ever worked on has faced challenges or delays at some point. Often, the assumptions we make at the beginning of the project turn out to be wrong, or we create what we thought would be the right solution and discover that it doesn’t work. Finally, we reach a place where we […]

New look for One World Direct

Last week, One World Direct launched a newly updated web site with a new logo. Please check it out at I thought I’d share with you the reasoning behind changing our logo and updating our site. Like all of our clients, One World is focused on building our company and our brand. A logo, while […]

Los Angeles Fulfillment Center Opens!

Some people love that “new car smell.” For others, tearing the wrapping paper off of a spectacularly wrapped birthday present provides a thrill. And for some (you know who you are, wife), satisfaction comes in a little robin-egg blue Tiffany box. But for me, nothing matches the excitement of taking the keys to a new […]