Global as a Service (GaaS) ™ – Accelerate Your Brand

One World Direct’s new Global Guide service is a unique, one-stop service for companies entering the U.S. market, but needing someone to smooth the way. One World simplifies your American expansion by providing a team of local business specialists to identify and solve the many issues you’ll encounter when expanding in America – we call them Global Guides.

Our Global Guides become your advance team in the U.S. They speed your time to market – from translation and regulation to marketing and logistics, while simultaneously integrating you into One World’s award-winning order fulfillment, call center and e-commerce services

For you, One World’s complete range of services offers a single point of contact for your day-to-day American operations. You suffer no more disconnects between set-up and daily execution; no more lapses in communication. Finally, a way to enter the American market that is efficient, fast and predictable.


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