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Helping Children in Need

In 2010, Micky Schweitzer of One World Direct was at a photography workshop where she met Travis Gugleman and Lori Nordstrom of the charitable organization Dando Amor (The name means Giving Love in Spanish). Travis and Lori started Dando Amor to help children in Ecuador live better, fuller lives. Over the years, they’ve helped supply food, blankets, furniture, and even donkeys to orphanages there.

Recently, Travis and Lori organized a shoe drive, collecting 700+ pairs to send to Ecuador. But, they needed the means to ship them, so Micky asked Tom if One World could handle the job and Tom was happy to say yes. We provided boxes, pallets and LTL shipping from our facility in South Dakota to Idaho, where the shoes were then sent to Ecuador.

Our Mission as a company is to enable greatness in our clients, community, company and selves. It takes employees like Micky to make that happen. We want to thank Micky for the work she’s doing and for bringing this work to our attention. We’d also like to thank Travis and Lori for their work to help children in need.

To learn how you can help Dando Amor in their mission, visit their website at http://www.dandoamor.com/