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How Steve Jobs Influenced One World Direct

Most people probably don’t think of an order fulfillment and call center services company as being a hot-bed of creativity. Fewer still would guess that a fulfillment company would be chock-full of Macintoshes. But One World Direct isn’t like other fulfillment companies or call centers. We don’t see ourselves as boring, behind-the-scenes types. We see ourselves as creative problem solvers who happen to be in the order fulfillment industry.

And what is Business if it isn’t creative? Growing up, I dreamt of being a world-class musician. Business seemed so boring and dull to me. As I made several unplanned turns away from music and into e-commerce, I realized that entrepreneurship is one of the most creative things a person can do. My training as a musician served me well. I understood the nature of risk taking (improvisation), of working with a team (ensemble) and of hiring great executives (“A” players).

Over the years – first as a musician, then as an entrepreneur and now as an executive – I’ve had nothing but a Mac at my side. Apple’s ethos of individual creativity and empowerment always resonated with me at a fundamental level. Sitting down at my Mac and soaking in the beautiful and elegant design of the machine somehow gave me hope that I could borrow just a bit of that creativity and work it into my life. Recently opening my new MacBook reminded me again of the value of beautiful packaging, the value of commitment and the value of a Brand Experience.

It’s no accident that all of our executives have a Mac on their desk. I hire creative, energized people who share my values. They get to choose any machine they like. It’s always a Mac. And it’s probably not a surprise that companies who choose One World Direct choose us because of our entrepreneurial ethos, our flexibility and creativity; our passion for the little details and our commitment. It’s in our DNA thanks in no small part to Apple.

Like most of us, I never met Steve Jobs, but I’ll miss him. Or, at least I’ll miss what he meant to me: creativity, risk taking, elegance and true belief in the mission.

Thomas E. Unterseher
Co-Founder & CEO
One World Direct