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International Shipping: What You Need to Know

The thought of shipping internationally can seem daunting, but selling your products overseas offers huge potential for expanding your business. Use the tips below to help you make an informed decision.

Import Restrictions

Think you can ship whey protein powder to the UK? Think again. Every country has restrictions on what they allow to be brought across their borders. Before you offer international shipping, figure out which countries permit your product. You can find a list of country import prohibitions here.

Taxes, Duties & Fees

Once a customer completes an ecommerce transaction everything is already paid, right? Not when their product is being shipped internationally. Upon arrival, extra fees are due before the shipment can be released. You don’t want the customer to refuse the package because they were unaware of extra costs. Get an estimated amount so you can inform them.

International Shipping Carriers

When determining a shipping carrier, the main consideration is country of destination. USPSFedEx and UPS go to different countries and prices and policies vary considerably.

International Shipping Documents

Governments require specific documentation to monitor goods coming into their country. The most common delay in shipments arriving to the customer is inaccurate information or missing forms. The link above provides helpful hints on determining what documents you’ll need.

Update your Website

You’ve conducted your research. You know which countries you’re shipping to, the additional fees required and the documentation needed. Now it’s time to let your consumers know. By setting up an international section on your website, you can give your customers the information they need before they make a purchase and ensure a happy transaction.

International shipping opens up great horizons for a business, but it does come with a lot of work. If you need a partner, One World Direct can help. We give our clients international shipping support, carrier discounts and we even have a creative team that can update your website. If you’d like to learn more, contact us.