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Multi-channel Marketing

Go where your customers are.

Have you ever bought something you weren’t shopping for just because it was conveniently there? Of course, who hasn’t! You went to the store for toothpaste, but came home with socks, deodorant, and grabbed a chapstick at checkout.

The digital world has changed the retail landscape, now you can buy anything almost anywhere. How can your online business capitalize? Simple. Multi-channel marketing.

What is multi-channel marketing? It’s a means of marketing to your customers through various direct and indirect channels such as emails, direct mailers, retailers, websites etc.

Why is multi-channel marketing important? As a real estate agent would say it is about “location, location, location.” The same principle can be applied to your sales channels, find out where your customers are buying and meet them there. Multi-channel marketing isn’t a new concept that was invented by the internet, Nike didn’t become Nike by only selling in JCPenney stores.

In order to stay competitive, you must offer your products in multiple markets. The struggle for anyone attempting to manage these marketplaces, whether you’re using them as a platform, part of a DSV (dropship vendor) program, or simply selling directly to the vendor, is order fulfillment and inventory integrity across all channels.

This is where One World Direct can help!