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Social Media and Int’l Expansion Hot Topics at E-Tail London

E-Tail London is in the books. Stewart Buskirk and I enjoyed our time in London, exchanging ideas with E-Tailers from across Europe.

How to measure and monetize social media was a constant topic throughout the conference. Unfortunately, no one possesses absolute answers. Certainly, “listening” to reviews and Facebook pages is of utmost importance. Those E-tailers who quickly resolve negative reviews and feedback – and turn those negative touches into positive interactions – are the ones making the most of Social.

High-touch customer service continues to be the hallmark of successful E-Tailers regardless of geography. Several companies noted that they had abandoned low-cost call center providers and focused on native language contact centers to provide a positive customer experience.

Dealing with complex regulatory issues in both the EU and the U.S. occupied most of One World’s forum on “Going Global.” For companies on both sides of the Atlantic, the other’s taxes, tariffs and regulations create a fog of uncertainty.

High-quality order fulfillment continues to be a competitive advantage on both sides of the pond.  Quick turnaround times is still important to consumers.

In the end, it comes back to taking care of the customer and taking care of the Brand.

– Thomas Unterseher, CEO