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We’re All in the Creative Department

Sometimes when I tell someone I’m a Creative Director they’ll say to me, “I wish I were creative.” For some reason there is a widespread notion that you have to be an artist to be creative. That just isn’t true.

At One World Direct, we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of creativity in all departments, not just Design and Marketing. When one of our Call Center representatives has a customer on the phone with an issue she hasn’t been trained on, she has to use her creativity to solve it. When our IT team is approached with a project that has no precedent, they use their creativity to discover a solution. No industry is cut and dry. There are always special cases, situations that don’t have a standard operating procedure in the manual. Creativity isn’t just knowing how to paint or play an instrument, it’s solving a problem that’s never been solved before.

Tom, our Co-Founder and CEO, started his career as a musician. As he made the transition from playing gigs to starting a company, he realized something he has told me many times: building a business is one of the most creative things you can do. At One World, we’re all in the Creative Department because we all get excited about figuring out ways to do things that haven’t been done.

Is your company trying to do things that haven’t been done? Are you looking for a partner who shares that same philosophy?