Multi-channel Marketing

Go where your customers are. Have you ever bought something you weren’t shopping for just because it was conveniently there? Of course, who hasn’t! You went to the store for toothpaste, but came home with socks, deodorant, and grabbed a chapstick at checkout. The digital world has changed the retail landscape, now you can buy […]

Indisputable Benefits of Order Fulfillment from Los Angeles

You’ve got plans, big ones. And they’re for your business – to take over the world (or at least your market). You’ve got a great product or product line, your website is up and ready to take orders. Everything you’ve done up to this point has been with the idea of creating a brand that […]

But Why Apple?

The importance of naming your company. Naming a company or a product is a tricky proposition. In the end, no matter what name you choose, there will be advantages and there will be risks. A sound naming strategy has a plan to deal with those risks. The name Apple has some strong advantages. It’s original […]

We’re All in the Creative Department

Sometimes when I tell someone I’m a Creative Director they’ll say to me, “I wish I were creative.” For some reason there is a widespread notion that you have to be an artist to be creative. That just isn’t true. At One World Direct, we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of creativity in all […]

Brands Aren’t Logos

They aren’t slogans or tag lines either. A brand is the way a person feels about your company, especially when that feeling is strong enough to cause a person to act (buy your stuff, complain on social media, etc.) This has a couple implications. 1. Your brand isn’t what most people feel about your company, it’s what each […]

International Shipping: What You Need to Know

The thought of shipping internationally can seem daunting, but selling your products overseas offers huge potential for expanding your business. Use the tips below to help you make an informed decision. Import Restrictions Think you can ship whey protein powder to the UK? Think again. Every country has restrictions on what they allow to be […]

Fulfillment Industry Shake-Out

Today, my summer intern asked me about my measure of success. Was my goal to get big enough to go public or get sold, he asked? It was a timely question from him, as there as been a lot of recent merger and acquisition activity in our industry. This is typical for a new industry […]

Helping Children in Need

In 2010, Micky Schweitzer of One World Direct was at a photography workshop where she met Travis Gugleman and Lori Nordstrom of the charitable organization Dando Amor (The name means Giving Love in Spanish). Travis and Lori started Dando Amor to help children in Ecuador live better, fuller lives. Over the years, they’ve helped supply […]

One World Branding and Design

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Matthew Wyne, One World’s new Creative Director. I worked with OWD on a freelance basis over the past two years on our new brand identity, website and collateral and I was thrilled when Tom and Heather asked me to join OWD full time. One World Direct began as One […]

Trust Issues

I’m a big sports fan and I enjoy listening to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd. The other day he was talking about the trust between a quarterback and a wide receiver, and the point he was making was that quarterbacks don’t necessarily trust the tallest, fastest, flashiest receiver on the team. They trust the receiver who practices […]