Location, location, location. When it comes to fulfillment centers, being in the right place makes all the difference. One World Direct has three fulfillment center locations strategically placed across the US to deliver the competitive advantages you need.

West Coast

Our Los Angeles fulfillment center location is close to the ports, keeping your costs low for imported goods. Our team can take possession of your container as soon as a DO is issued, saving you time and money. We have relationships with freight brokers that save you money on drayage. And we can reach 99% of the Western United States in two days shipping ground from this warehouse.


Our South Dakota fulfillment center is centrally located and features both temperature control and FDA certification. If you’re selling subscription boxes, shipping economy from this location keeps your costs down. And it’s also convenient if you’re using a Midwest manufacturer for your goods.

East Coast

Our Ohio fulfillment center reaches 99% of the East Coast in two days shipping ground. And if you want to divvy up your goods between all three fulfillment center locations, we can help you run the numbers to make sure they’re properly distributed.

We’d love to hear more about your operation and your goals. To set up a talk with one of our fulfillment specialists, fill out the form below or give us a call at 866-289-9010.

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