In the world beyond business plans and statistical models, who knows what tomorrow will bring? From new opportunities to headache-inducing problems, you need an order fulfillment partner who will respond to your needs and keep your customers fulfilled. That’s where our Special Projects team comes in.

For one of our clients, the real world brought a 40′ container full of headaches. One steel component of their home gym was just a bit too long to fit, rendering the entire gym worthless. Their options: send it all back to Asia or send it to the salvage yard. Either way, the hundreds of pending orders would go unfilled. Money lost. Customers disappointed. Brand damaged.Or was there another option? One World thought so. We created a process to cut the steel piece down to size, file it smooth and re-paint it. A week later, home gyms were shipping.

When you’re facing an unusual circumstance, let us know. On any given day, our Special Projects team responds to a wide variety of client requests, and we’d be happy to build a custom solution for you. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your needs.

We offer you:

  • Quality Assurance Tests
  • Electronic Repair
  • Build Kits
  • Labeling Projects
  • Product Assembly
  • Clean Product

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