How do you want to do business? Let One World Direct Pick Pack And Ship your products.

One World’s flexible order fulfillment technology integrates to any e-commerce site or ERP in real-time, near-time or batch mode. Why the flexibility? Because only you know how your customers behave. Do you want to build in a time lag between order placement on your site and order picking at our facility? You might if you experience a high number of post-order modifications that cascade into customer service costs and disruption. If not, then real-time integration is for you.

Once an order is released to our system, pickers are directed to your zone in our fulfillment center by tablet devices. Pickers use scanners to verify the accuracy of every order. When your order arrives at a packing station, packers then re-scan and re-verify each order, using touch-screen PCs to record all data, including packaging types. Your parcel ships using the carrier that you, or your customer, has chosen.

If building a brand is your focus, One World sources all types of gift cards, wrapping paper, embossed seals, tissue paper, ribbons, gift bags and anything else our clients need to make their brand stand out.

Custom pack slips and other inserts are printed as per your design, your brand identity and your unique needs. Some clients utilize branded shipping boxes, while others prefer plain brown boxes or padded envelopes. Boxes can be taped using customized logo’d tape.

We’ll put your products in a box, but we won’t box you in.

We offer you:

  • 24 Hour or Same-Day Service
  • Address Validation
  • Branded Packing Slips
  • Choice of Carrier
  • Branded Boxes
  • Custom Email Verifications
  • Custom Gift Wrap
  • Real-Time Reporting

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