Taking Care of Customers, Taking Care of the Earth

One World Direct is committed to having a positive impact on our clients, each other, our community and the environment.

Natural Light: Enormous skylights in both our call center facility and our warehouse provide day lighting, which reduces our energy use and puts our employees in a happy, helpful mood.

Radiant Heating: Our call center, office facility, and 50% of our distribution center, is heated by a 99% efficient boiler system that powers a radiant floor.

No Styrofoam Peanuts: We hate them, our customers hate them and so does the earth. We don’t buy them, but if manufacturers send their goods to us packed in peanuts, we make sure to dissolve them with natural citrus oil.

Cardboard Recycling: All the cardboard that arrives at our buildings, (almost a ton every week) is crushed, baled and recycled.

Shipping Processes: We promote the USPS efforts with their cradle-to-cradle packaging, primarily with their Priority Mail packaging.

Packing Materials: Of our paper void fill, the newsprint is all post consumer content, and is 100% recyclable; the natural kraft paper contains no virgin pulp material and is 100% recyclable.

Paper Recycling: Our offices shred and recycle all their paper.

Paperless Reporting: Our contracts, finance, and reporting are all web-based. We eliminate paper use whenever possible with our clients and internally.

New Energy News: We’re a proud sponsor of New Energy News. If you’re into solar, wind and anything related to new energy, check it out.